Design: Mustache Bash

SHOP GOOD has landed on 9th Street! If you hadn’t heard, which probably means you were hiding under a rock or on a desert island, SHOP GOOD had their grand opening this past Wednesday. Yep yesterday was the Mustache Bash and oh what a bash it was! We had live music by 100 Bones , Dr Pants , Sherree Chamberlain , The Fictioneers , The Grown Ups , and Marcy Priest . Good food, which is a norm for 9th street with Iguana Grill, Sara Sara Cupcakes, and Pachinko Parlor was easy to get and right on the street. We also enjoyed the company of the The Spero Project and Keep It Local . We had a blast wearing mustaches, both real and fake, and opening the doors of SHOP GOOD wide to the midtown crowd.

Above are images of some of the products you’ll discover in SHOP GOOD, who carries everything from tee’s to concrete decor pieces and so much more.

The fun didn’t stop at SHOP GOOD’s door step. They don’t call it a block party for nothing on 9th Street. We had live music under the ‘big top’ and a fashion show for Rock Louis new clothing line on the Iguana Patio , even some awesome hand made, recycled bike tire watches by Bad Tracey . What an awesome crowd!

The crowd came into SHOP GOOD most of the night as well, not a lot of room to maneuver, with oooh’s and aaaah’s over merchandise and the happy smiles of those who had found the perfect item for the night.

SHOP GOOD does good at simple design and upfront service. Most of the decor is created by Jessica Chamberlain one of the SHOP GOODIES as we’ve come to call ourselves. Jessica upcycles old furniture pieces and gives them new life with a little love and elbow grease. Justin Faulk founder and owner of SHOP GOOD created the ‘hat tree’ you see in some of the images above. The fun and simple atmosphere doesn’t end at the interiors. Built on core values of community, creativity and generosity, SHOP GOOD features a broad range of high-quality products—supplied by nonprofit organizations or socially-conscious, earthy-friendly manufacturers—within an innovative not-just-for-profit business structure. They also carry ethically-made accessories and gifts handcrafted by local artists, as well as design and print their own tee shirts that encourage originality, compassion and a little homegrown love for Oklahoma. A great place to be, and a great place to shop. So don’t let the bash end last night. Keep it going and stop by SHOP GOOD to show your support for local businesses and an awareness of our own ability to make life a little better with every purchase.

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