Design: Mustache Bash

SHOP GOOD has landed on 9th Street! If you hadn’t heard, which probably means you were hiding under a rock or on a desert island, SHOP GOOD had their grand opening this past Wednesday. Yep yesterday was the Mustache Bash and oh what a bash it was! We had live music by 100 Bones , Dr Pants , Sherree Chamberlain , The Fictioneers , The Grown Ups , and Marcy Priest . Good food, which is a norm for 9th street with Iguana Grill, Sara Sara Cupcakes, and Pachinko Parlor was easy to get and right on the street. We also enjoyed the company of the The Spero Project and Keep It Local . We had a blast wearing mustaches, both real and fake, and opening the doors of SHOP GOOD wide to the midtown crowd.

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