Being a commercial building, we believe that to carry out the project we had to prioritize Stamati element that provides irrigation systems, water. Therefore, the building has no pretensions protagonist and becomes a living parent neutral is convening its presence. Just trying to be the canvas on which this element plasma, which was his inspiration.

Once transposed blind facade, you enter the building through a “hall green, where he developed the exhibition and the various irrigation options that the company offers. Outside the building a font that comes complete with a waterfall inside that gives hierarchy to the building and marks the entrance to the offices.

The challenge was that, despite having opted for a stripped materiality and neutral monochrome low-maintenance materials, the resulting spaces were sufficiently pleasant and enjoyable, both for people who perform their work there and customers, and the same result a relaxed atmosphere. To achieve this goal, we worked particularly the effect of light, both natural and artificial. The building is supported on the party north and opened a couple light from the south. On the main staircase was a skylight to illuminate the waterfall physically linking the ground floor with the upper and emphasizing the role of water. The offices were to deny the street and open onto its own green, as the distinctive color of the Company, was used as an accent color to highlight the volume that contains the meeting room.

The glass is worked as mirrors that replicate the outer green water and sky. In this way, give visual privacy to offices and produce a dramatic encounter between the polished, rustic materials and grays that make up the work.

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