The Power of Workspace for People and Business

‘, an accessible resource that explains why workspace change management and ‘co-creation’ with employee participation is an imperative component of a workspace outcome that is relevant to a business and its people.

Aimed at generating informed discussions, the book is designed for practical use by those who care about the quality of environments for work; including members of the design profession, facilities managers, business managers, real estate professionals, and any decision-maker looking for information and guidance on how to make good decisions about their employees’ workspaces.

“The Power of Workspace for People and Business is about inspiring the design of healthier and more productive workspaces,” says Malkoski.

Highlighting numerous examples of how companies and employers have made the right workspace decisions, this book invites employees and teams to participate in the process through constructively asserting their feedback and helping create innovative and thoughtful activity hubs that meet employees’ needs and support their work.

“By illustrating the theory in application, these case studies make enhancing traditional workspaces and future alternative workspaces seem more achievable and manageable,” says Malkoski.

Empowering both employers and employees, The Power of Workspace for People and Business explains why involving the users of these spaces in the process leads to greater buy-in and a higher return on investment. The book contains practical insights and example surveys on how to best involve employees to ensure investment in workspace design improves health, job satisfaction and productivity.

Representative of Schiavello’s long-term commitment to people and business effectiveness, The Power of Workspace for People and Business is a culmination of the company’s 49 years of experience in creating and servicing world-class workspaces that add value to people and businesses.

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“We recognise that workspace design is much more than furniture and lighting. Functional comfort, sense of belonging, commitment and productivity are all connected in good workspace design,” says Malkoski.

Dr. Visher agrees, adding “The end goal is to demonstrate that one size does not fit all with workspace design, and that holistically considering diversity contributes to the creation of successful environments”.

Promoting agility and flexibility, Malkoski and Visher have created a value-adding tool that can ultimately improve people and business effectiveness. Covering all worker types and age groups, The Power of Workspace for People and Business is an exploration into the causes of illness and lower productivity at work, the needs of different industries and professions and the solutions at the forefront of workspace design trends.

Keti Malkoski is an organisational psychologist who has consulted to many of the largest companies in Australia in the areas of workspace strategy and change. She is currently Principal – People and Culture for Schiavello.

Dr Jacqueline Vischer is an environmental psychologist and world expert on workplace psychology and design. She has written more than six books, taught at major universities in Canada and the US and advised governments and corporations around the world on workspace design, change and productivity.

Schiavello is a multi-disciplinary company dedicated to developing intelligent, inspiring, ecological and resilient solutions for the office, the home and public spaces. Schiavello’s concepts and products are

developed in Australia by applying a design process that brings together the company’s core design principles and engineering with the creativity of international designers. Internationally renowned for the design and manufacture of furniture, from highly intelligent workstations and task seating, to statement pieces and storage, the company is also one of Australia’s most respected interior construction specialists. As a property developer, Schiavello has held a strong passion for creating world class property and contributing to the future of Australia’s great cities.

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