The Microsoft Store? Here’s my design!

This weekend I read in Microsoft plans are some retail stores rival, the success of apple store. If Microsoft without the store, I have some ideas. Office 2007 Pro is so great!

The # 1 – EULA entrance, a potential customer can enter the Microsoft shop, they must sign an end user license agreement. Microsoft Office 2007 can give you more convenient life.

 This agreement thoughts, ideas, Suggestions for customer is Microsoft’s property. Also, anyone can see or experience must strictly confidential. You know, what make customers feel like to tell them, they are not trusted, they will make full use of.

# 2 – blue screen – here’s the prospect of wall can type your favorite blue screen error code (I die 000000000 x 10F), see what kind of discount, today you can get. Think about how many people can find those old Bob interface for free!Choose Office 2007 Professional is the luckiest thing in the world.

Article 4 – shelf (pay) analysts papers – here’s potential customers can get all kinds of guarantee, helping them to understand why. MS Office 2007 can change people’s life.

Article 5 – user account control ride – this is like one of the amusement and a big difference. Each ride to Banks, dripping, accelerate, etc, to immediately stop and user asked whether to actually identical. I have seen the experts – — buzz riding a bicycle to: the killer. Office 2007 key is available here.

Article 6 – amber waves amber – colored carpet – the grain will be installed in the shop of Microsoft. They hope and customer carpet will see the similarity between the product and the great plains. Sadly, the customer will see it as a carpet, hidden dirt. Office 2007 enterprise is the expert for the office workers.

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Article 7 games — – here at the customer to play in the game, they interact with the TV program is invalid characters as invalid office or useful functions and features of Microsoft office software. To use the technical level of scorers ribbon 37th fun!Microsoft invents the Office 2007 home for many people.

Article 8 – Microsoft engineering activity center – whether it will show the working time of the business.