The Bohemian Bourgeois: Home Office

Featuring large windows that face the front of the property, the third bedroom in the Bobos’ dwelling offers the opportunity to utilize the space in unforeseen ways. Needing an office space for their non-profit organizations, the Bobos chose to fit both a dual home office and a spare guest bedroom within this front room. Because of their love of re-purposed materials, and the need for a fluid and spacious shared workspace, the Bobos chose to by-pass the idea of a traditional desk for something more unique.

Two identical nineteenth-century French balconies were salvaged from a local architectural salvage yard for just this purpose. The decorative Art Nouveau iron work combined with the convenient counter height ofboth balconies made for an irresistible find. A span of tempered glass is laid to join both historic pieces. Sleek flat monitors, wireless technology, and the Bobo’s penchant to keep a space neat and orderly give this design choice practicality.

  A credenza with inlaid mother- of-pearl along with matching end tables which double as filing cabinets provide storage for the necessary office functions. Task lighting is given contemporary class with striking pendants which hang in front of the large span of windows. The Bobos need only tell coming visitors to look for the house with the illuminated arched second-story window, as their luminosity can be seen from historic Piedmont Avenue. The guest bedroom function of the space is provided by a pull out sofa found at a local consignment store. The original upholstery, a yellow velvet with decorative green stitching, adds texture and interest. Decorative grapevine table lamps frame the seating and provide soft reading light for evenings curled on the sofa with a good book.

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The original hardwood flooring could not be salvaged in this space, and so a stylish and durable Berber carpet is installed wall to wall. The Berber’s distinctive smoky brown coloring and directional pattern add depth, warmth and tactile interest. Made from New Zealand wool, the natural fibers of this carpet avoid the harmful synthetic materials found in most carpeting.

The walls in this space are in keeping with the master bedroom, painted with a muted neutral milk paint. The large space above the sofa offers the opportunity to display another one of Mr. Bobo’s favorite pieces, a large framed picture of The Alishan Sacred Tree . This 3,000 year old tree fell a decade ago, but its legacy as one of the oldest and most fascinating trees on earth lives on in its native Taiwan, the world, and in Mr. and Mrs. Bobo’s home office.