Technabob Shop Deal: Learn to Design Games, Pay What You Want

Whether you’ve ever just wanted to dabble in making video games, or if you’re serious about getting into the business, we’ve got a great offer going on in the Technabob Shop to help you get up and going.

Learn to Design Games is a bundle of four course curriculums, ranging from the theories and motivations behind gamification, through techniques for designing 2D and 3D game art and textures, to actually implementing games using the Unity 3D engine (which can be downloaded for free here). All told, there are dozens of lessons and over 100 hours of lectures from gaming pros.

The online lessons are valued at nearly $800, but they can be yours for much less. In fact, you can pay what you want – and if you beat the average price (which is currently under $10), you’ll get all four courses.

So if you’ve had any inkling about learning about game design, head on over to the Technabob Shop now.


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