Some Tips to Design Office Stationery

Office stationery is one of important things you have to consider in your business. With good-looking stationery, the letter you sent to your business partner will be very impressive. It can help you get good impression as well. In addition, you can send letter with professional look to your clients, vendors, and media so that they will not toss it as junk.

You can design your own office stationery indeed. You only need computer, paper, word processing software, printer, and envelopes. Just follow these steps and make your own office stationery.

Before designing, you have to consider the image of your corporate, whether it is elegant, serious, bold, or lighthearted. The design should go along with this image. Make the envelopes, postcards, business card, mailers, and brochures go along with the theme of your company.

Determine the letterhead volume you are going to use. If you communicate with your clients mostly by email or phone, you will not need a lot of letterhead on your hand. For this case, you only need to design a template for your letterhead design. You simply print it by the time you need it. On the other hand, if you need to make a lot of correspondence, you will need a high quality printer which supports printing at larger quantity. In addition, you need to choose the right paper, font, and color scheme to make it more attractive.

Decide whether you need stationery with incorporate graphics or straight text. You have no skill in graphic design, you can hire for graphic artist. It can help you design professional stationery. You can also add photograph. Choose one with high-quality shot.

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While designing the letterhead, you have to make sure that you have included the crucial things such as the name of your company, address, phone number, email number, and fax number. If you have your own company website, you can include it as well. Additionally, you also have to include the slogan of your company if it has any.

Make an experiment about the front and the color of your text. Choose for the best one. Then, you simply need to save your design. Save it as word template if you want to print it as you need. On the other hand, save it in a Word document if you want to print it for reproduction.