Small Home Office Design

What should you consider when you want to have a home office?

To be sure, your home should serve two different purposes, namely: the interests and the interests of the home office and all its members. Both have different emotional needs.

Houses, like a nest. The warmth, intimacy, as well as the need to grow together, relax and rest is the element that must be supported by home facility. While the office is the center of productivity, professionalism, and calm atmosphere to work.

Design home office which is bad if: a) The functions of the house too dominating, so that the activity / work prduktifitas disturbed; b) The functions of the office is too dominant, so that members of the house of loss of privacy and the opportunity to develop an emotional relationship, or c) home and office functions to mingle, without clear demarcation or boundaries.

In other words, design home office properly, provide clear boundaries for office space and space to house guests who come with different goals, you will receive in a different space. In addition, the transitional space between home and office should also be provided. This transitional space allows you, family members, even visitors, with different roles can still be met. Without this transitional space, no home office. Why? The term home office has to show it. Namely, there is a separation between home and office, while there was unity of home and office.


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