Panel Crush: Rock Shop #9 — Design Shop tonight at the MidEast down

Newsflash: None of us blogging types make a living by writing about music in the internet. We all have day jobs and blogging is what we do on the side (and sometimes on the sly from our day jobs – shhh). So in my non-superhero alter ego daytime world, I’m a graphic designer and tonight’s Rock Shop is thus right up my alley, especially considering the presence on the panel of one of MY daytime superheroes, Aaron Belyea of Alphabet Arm . Belyea and his firm’s work, which includes everything from corporate branding to CD design, is rivaled by few and a lowlier designer such as myself could only dream to be half as talented as he and his team are. So you best value this chance to hear what he has to say about band art direction, which is absolutely important given how often your visual presentation is the first impression people will have of your band. Belyea will be joined by Gary Hedrick of creative thinktank  Elefhantworks , veteran Boston photographer Liz Linder , Beagle Printing ‘s Marc Beaupre and Marcus Ohanesian of Perfect Evolution .


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