Flick launches Latvian design shop

A new Latvian traditional lifestyle shop Riija has been launched. The idea of such store was developed this spring by Bertolt Flick, the airline airBaltic President and the Chef Martins Ritins (M?rti?? R?ti??).

We began realizing the project this spring with Martins Ritins. Of course, these are hard times and many things do not succeed; however, we began providing food on the airplanes that is made from products cultivated in Latvia exclusively. At one point, the idea to collect various Latvian goods at one place was created, offering them to people under a single brand, which signifies ancient Latvian traditions, yet at the same time, is also contemporary, Neatkar?g? cites Flick.

It was also emphasized that Flick is merely the author of the idea; everything else was done by the fashion designer Natalija Jansone (Nat?lija Jansone).

Starched linen, which is very durable, can be bought at the shop. There is also glass that is not industrially manufactured – it has been created by the only glass blowers in Latvia. The shop also offers hand-made pottery – the craftsperson’s fingerprints can be traced on each vessel. Moreover, nearly all of these goods have specific Latvian traditional signs, the fashion designer indicated, promising especially welcoming prices for all the goods available at the store.

Источник: bnn-news.com

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