Facebook Head Office in California

facebook is a popular social networking website founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. facebook has the largest number of registered users with more than 34 million active members from around the world possess. facebook has a central office in Palo Alto, California and this office has uniquely interior  was designed by Studio O + A .

Design objective is to preserve the history and aesthetics of building materials and create a nice fit for a young dynamic company staff. Many walls and the space left unfinished: employees are encouraged to write on the walls, add artwork, and furniture moving is required, so that the building continues to grow.

Since the facility houses new employees who come from various locations, the company wants to maintain the identity of each different division. Designs take inspiration from the patchwork nature of Facebook users and employees, combining elements that seem separate to form a cohesive pattern and use of color and interior spaces to create an environment in an open space plan. company executives sitting in the central region, accessible by all employees. large lounge and open spaces provide a place for people to come together. A kitchen and cafe Facebook continues the tradition of providing gourmet food for staff at all hours, while drinks and snacks available in the micro-kitchens throughout the headquarters.

Источник: www.megadesignjob.com

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