Ergonomic Office Chair

Keeps your skin cool and dry and maintains the look of the chair. Not usually found in low-priced chairs. Height & thickness adjustable lumbar support Fits your individual curve of your lower back. This is important as it helps to reduce the pain and discomfort in your lower back and legs. Waterfall seatpan front Helps to maintain bloodflow to the lower legs. Not usually found in low-priced chairs. High-quality, longwarrantycylinder Low-quality cylinders, usually found in low-priced chairs, will usually fail inside of two years and not maintain the proper working height. 5-star base wth high-quality casters Critical for ensuring the chair does not tip over and moves freely over carpeted surfaces. Low-priced casters will usually crack and fail in a few short months. Sliding, depth adjustable seatpan This allows the seatpan depth to be adjusted to fit you. This ensures a comfortable sitting experience and promotes good lower extremity bloodflow. Padded, height & width adjustable, removable arms Chair arms will help to support the lower arm weight while typing and during non-typing activities. It is important that these arms be well padded and adjustable in height and width to fit you. Not usually found in low-priced chairs. Saddle-shape seat pan with firm, supportive cushion The saddle shape design improves lower extremity bloodlfow and comfort for your buttocks. In addition, it is important to get good quality cushion or you will “bottom out” and be sitting on plywood or plastic after a short time. Usually, this is an area where lower-priced chairs cut their costs. Easily adjustable and reachable controls Controls are important so that you can set the height and other aspects of the chair to fit you personnaly. In addition, these controls must be easily reached and adjusted from a sitting position or they are worthless. Contoured back design Fits your spine comfortably without forcing your spine into an awkward posture. Reduces the discomfort and fatgiue in the back.

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