Дикая природа России, Сибирь / Wild Russia, Siberia (HD 720p)

На ее долю приходится 10 % всей суши на нашей планете. Сибирь славится своими морозами и известна миру, как одно из самых холодных мест на земле. Тем не менее, Сибирь стала домом для большого множества видов диких животных, зверей и прочих существ, включая мускусного оленя, верблюда, газель и редкий вид ящерицы — сибирского углозуба, который может провести несколько лет в замороженном состоянии при температуре — 40градусов С и выжить. От холодного севера до южных степей — все это Сибирь, во всем ее великолепии.

To survive in Siberia, wildlife suffers the extreme as many parts are colder and more hostile than the Arctic. The coldest temperatures of the northern hemisphere were recorded in Yakutia. Here, our key characters include wolves that roam the winter landscape in packs hunting out deer and huge elk that would tower over most men. They live on Wrangel Island where they are often hungry and have to not only protect their territory but also fight over scraps. While many animal species are able to leave the polar seas when autumn approaches, the majority stay here for the winter. Many of Siberia’s diverse species have yet to be captured on film. The southern cold steppes are home to ground squirrels, Siberian weasels, demoiselle cranes, and Saiga antelopes. The strange forest musk deer with tusks like a sabre-tooth tiger roams the larch forests of the taiga. We also plan to film Siberian cranes who come here to perform balletic mating dances; snow geese flock in mass migration; Snow sheep and Beluga schools in the White Sea. The primeval Siberian salamander is one of the best adapted to the region as it can spawn in freezing waters before eggs, newts and even adults may have to survive frozen in subarctic permafrost for years before reanimating back to active life. Lake Baikal is a world in itself and we dive into the deepest and oldest lake on the planet. Each year, hundreds of thousands of Russians go on a pilgrimage to «Siberia’s Pearl», possibly the most beautiful part of the entire country and home to sable antelope and the rare Baikal seal. They are neighbours to great Brown bears that arrive here for a feeding festival. The clear, cold, oxygen rich waters are perfect for the reproduction of thousands of caddis flies and after hibernation the bears come here to feast on the protein rich food source, turning over stones to find the larvae they crave. Siberia — there is no greater land-based wilderness in the world and it’s characterised by an endless taiga lined by the huge streams of Ob, Yenisey and Lena. There is a grand variety to be found in Siberia’s landscapes with some of the biggest streams, vast forests, mountain ranges, and of course Lake Baikal. Tunguska is a national secret, off-limits for decades. Some 100 years ago, a huge meteorite flattened an area the size of London here and for the first time, we show the wonderful regeneration and diversity at the site that was ravaged by fire storms

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