Choose the Best Color for your Office Design!

Color research shows that people are stimulated in specific ways by different colors. Feng Shui uses color as a cure to promote the appropriate energy for a space. That’s why it’s important to pick a color based on the tasks you will be performing in your office. I have put together a guide to help you choose the right color for your office in conjunction with your needs.

This color stimulates clarity of thought, creativity, and mental activity making it an excellent color for a home office. Yellow also promotes discipline and friendliness, which anyone working in a home office needs.

It represents the element of fire which symbolizes life, joy and energy. It’s a good choice for anyone making deals or selling, and for those who entertain clients in their offices.

This color is a very traditional Feng Shui color for an office, because it represents money, power and success, especially when paired with metals, such as silver. If you need to feel empowered in your office and want to create energy to stimulate income, black is the way to go.

The color purple is a good choice as well, and this is the color that signifies ideals, truth and love. This is the color of choice for the thinkers and the philosophers, and the chosen color, too, for dreamers and writers.

This color suits offices where trust and calm are important, such as where interviews or sessions are held. Blue is the color of relaxation and peace, making it a great color for offices that are used for writing.

Orange and other warm, desert colors stimulate socialization and collaboration making it good for a small office using a team approach to management. This color is especially harmonious in an office used for creative writing or team work.

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In Feng Shui, white represents purity and confidence. Used with gold or silver, white creates a very calm atmosphere. This can be very beneficial to people that feel their office is a place to relax.

Your ceiling should be painted a light color, because a dark color will make you feel as if there’s a dark cloud hanging over your head while you work. With the right office color, you are now ready to make great deals. Make your office a place of success that fulfills your work needs! Let me know if I can help!

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