Care home and shop plan refused

Former Clifton Mills site in Bailiff Bridge that could be transformed into a care home and three shops along with car parking

PLANS to build a care home and three shops in Bailiff Bridge have been refused, after a lengthy discussion.

Councillors said there were some serious problems that needed to be addressed by the applicant C P Group in connection with the plan on land at the junction of Birkby Lane.

The planning committee had considered deferring the application because they felt that the 56-bed care home, submitted only in outline, was in the wrong position and should have been situated closer to the residential properties in Axminster Drive and the three shops, submitted as a full application, which includes a Co-operative should have been closer to Birkby Lane with the access there.

Councillor Martin Peel refused the plan because he felt the design was wrong, it would not contribute positively to the amenity value of the people in the residential home or the people who lived in Axminster Drive and on the grounds of highways safety in connection with the nearby crossroads.

Councillor David Hardy agreed and said the development was “the equivalent to Broad Street” and that consultation needed to be done with residents.

Applicant Guy Evans told the committee the Co-operative had to remain where it was as defined by a contract between them. He added that they would be willing to contribute to improving the crossing facilities at the crossroads after councillors decided road safety improvements were paramount.

The development also included car parking for 17 vehicles, but residents in Axminster Drive feared this would overspill into the residential area.

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Spokeswoman Ruth Craven said there would be a 200 per cent increase in traffic movements. “There will be a vast increase which will result in a dangerous and hazardous road.”

Speaking on behalf of Bailiff Bridge Community Association, Robert Silkstone, asked that a condition be included for the re-installation of a clock on the building, to replace the clock previously part of the local heritage at Firths Carpets.

Ward Councillor Graham Hall said the derelict land had been an eyesore for so long and that he was pleased a nursing home and a Co-op would be provided in the village.

“I am concerned about the access into the site. Unfortunately it is of Axminster Drive which is not ideal but access from Birkby Lane is not the best either.

“The speed of traffic that comes down Birkby Lane for vehicles stop to get to a speed or position could cause problems towards the junction.”