Best job ever? Swizzels is looking for a sweet taster — Telegraph

«It takes months to develop new flavours and the successful applicant will be shown the whole process, learning the secrets of how we make our fabulous sweets. It’s an important role and they’ll be helping develop new products that could be sold across the country.»

Product development brand manager, Emma Herring (Swizzels)

The winner will get to work alongside product development brand manager Emma Herring to help create new flavours and help with the design packaging.

To be considered, hopefuls have to write 500 words or submit a video explaining why they’re the best person for the job.

So, if you’re over 16, money isn’t an issue (the payment comes in the form of sweets instead of currency) and you think you can handle eating nothing but sweets for a year, what are you waiting for?


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